Each one of you is a separate artist. So you must find what you like and you must work at that. You have tou find your own taste. You will find your own sound. But you have to go with what you like (taste). And, with a band and you need some compositions. It’s good to write the music for the band. That’s a good practice. And then, you know, there’s no secret. You just do and you do, and you put your passion into it. And if you love it – you do and you do, and you learn and you learn, and you must play. In school, maybe sometimes they give you a lot of theory. This chord, that chord . . . It’s good to know, but you have to play . . . You have to make music. So you have a good balance . . . And you must play with the older musicians too. To get experience, of working with the band. Find someone you admire, and play in his band. (Chick Corea)